To serve the educational needs of the total community.

Welcome to RESA 8

Regional Education Service Agencies—is a story of success and flexibility as evidenced by continual cooperation and positive responsiveness from county school systems, support of the West Virginia State Board of Education and West Virginia Legislature. Through the work of dedicated, goal-oriented staff members in RESA 8, we have maximized both financial and human resources by establishing cooperation between county schools systems and other education-related agencies.

RESA initiates and implements numerous programs of benefit to students, county schools and their respective communities. To help understand what our agency does, we have grouped our programs into four categories, which include Education; Health and Safety; Financial Benefits; and Technology.

RESA represents a wise public policy choice, not only on the basis of economic rationality, but technically, socially and legally as well. Through our work, we have changed the face of education and its level of effectiveness and quality that would, otherwise, not be within the reach or scope of individual school districts and community agencies acting alone. Chances are that RESA has improved learning opportunities for you or someone you know. We appreciate your interest.