Safe and Drug Free Schools Program

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Grief and Loss with Students
Adolescent and Childhood Depression
Self Injury
Conflict Resolution

Stop Bullying and Raising Responsible, Caring Children-A Guide for Parents

Some Reasons Kids Bully

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The goal of the RESA VIII Safe & Drug-Free Schools project is to involve 100% of the students in the RESA VIII Region in a comprehensive drug education program to eliminate use of harmful chemicals by students and provide students with knowledge, attitudes and skills to make healthy decisions to keep them safe as they grow into productive adults.

In order to reach this goal, the following services are provided:  "Skills for Growing", Parent Education Information, Responsible Students Program Information, Teacher Training in Prevention Skills Education and Life Skills, Peer Mediation and Violence Prevention, Student Leadership Workshops, Crisis Response Staff Training, and Character Education.

RESA VIII Character Education

RESA VIII Tobacco Prevention Program

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